The summer months can be a great chance for branches and members to come together to fundraise for a good cause. We regularly hear about successful initiatives that have helped to support the veterans community and other organisations doing good in the community. 

If you’ve not held a fundraiser before, the process can seem daunting. However, there are lots of easy ways to guarantee support and ensure you earn the most for your chosen cause. Here are just a few of the ways you can power-up your campaign. 

1 Get the community involved 

With summer fêtes and festivals on their way, it can be a good time to branch out across the community for charity draws, raffles, or other fundraisers. Coldstream branch were recently able to secure a defibrillator, now available to all right outside the clubhouse, thanks to a community-wide fundraiser. Many businesses will be willing to donate prizes, and supermarkets can also help to promote events or activities via their community boards.


2 Support the veterans community in its different facets 

Many branches like to devote their time to projects that involve veterans or other ex-servicepeople. We’ve seen this in Annan, where a donation was made to support Specialist Search Dogs, which includes former service members in its ranks. Choosing a cause that will resonate with fellow Legionnaires can help to bolster the support you receive.


3 Take on a unique challenge 

Some of the best fundraisers are borne from being memorable or silly, or even taking on a new challenge to inspire donations. These can come in the form of month-long initiatives, like Sober October in the autumn, or one-offs, like a walking challenge. The more unique or eye-catching your approach, the better chances of securing support.


4 Create an online fundraiser 

You can use our online guide to set up a fundraising page that can be shared with friends, relatives and colleagues. Follow the steps, add in some details about how and why you’re fundraising for Legion Scotland, and the system automates the rest.


5 Let us know! 

We can offer our support to fundraisers, such as through promotion in the e-newsletter and website. Your branch can also play a big part in getting the word out through social media and other means. Having an online fundraising page, as above, can help others to boost the word-of-mouth and cast the net more widely.