Royal British Legion Scotland
Patron: Her Majesty The Queen

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Legion Scotland do?
Legion Scotland works to make a difference every day to the lives of veterans.
Our members and branches help to provide comradeship and community to veterans and their families by running sports and music events, as well as a wide range of competitions and events, both national and local.
Our disablement pensions and wellbeing advice service offers advice and practical support on welfare and disablement pensions including a range of grants to assist the ex-service community. As the custodians of remembrance we also work with schools and young people across Scotland on remembrance and organise remembrance activities across the country.

Where are you based?
Legion Scotland has nearly 170 branches across Scotland in locations from Kirkwall to Dumfries, and the Isle of Bute to Edinburgh.
Some branches, which do not have their own buildings, meet in existing local venues, whilst others own their own building, a branch club, which provide a range of facilities. Legion Scotland membership also entitles you to make use of any other branch across Scotland

Do you just help veterans from the World Wars?
Legion Scotland helps all members of the Armed Forces Community and their families. This includes if you served yesterday or 50 years ago.

What is the difference between Legion Scotland and Poppyscotland?
Legion Scotland (The Royal British Legion Scotland) is a completely separate charity although we do work closely together for the benefit of veterans and their families in Scotland.

Where does the Royal British Legion charity fit in?
Legion Scotland (The Royal British Legion Scotland) and The Royal British Legion are separate charities and always have been so. Legion Scotland was actually set up three weeks before The Royal British Legion (TRBL) in 1921 by Earl Haig. We do work closely with TRBL but the fact remains we are a separate charity. We have had a Royal Patron since 1921 and are very proud of this patronage.

Have you dropped the words Royal and British from your daily name Legion Scotland?
The words Royal and British have not been dropped from our name. We refer to them on all material that we produce and our full legal name (The Royal British Legion Scotland) is still used on our website, social media, leaflets, letters and press releases.
Our daily name - Legion Scotland -was approved by the national Board of Trustees in autumn 2013 on behalf of the membership and launched at annual conference 2014. The reason for change was to help the charity arrest the terminal decline of membership and donations and action was urgently needed.

When was the daily name Legion Scotland first discussed?
Details of the name Legion Scotland were first minuted on 17th August 2013 (these minutes are available upon request as are AGM minutes). We were finding there was confusion over the identity of The Royal British Legion and the Royal British Legion Scotland. Experience has shown us that if we use the full title of Royal British Legion Scotland in correspondence with the media then invariably it is shortened to “The Legion” or Royal British Legion when printed or referred to. We brought in the new daily name Legion Scotland to help ensure that supporters and the wider public are fully aware of whom they are donating to.

Is Legion Scotland connected to the Government?
The Legion Scotland charity is an ex-service charity and as such is completely independent from the Scottish and UK Government. How it is constituted and managed is a matter for the National Board of Trustees who are unaccountable to Government Ministers.

How does Legion Scotland use its newer logo and original crest?
The Legion Scotland logo represents the tri-colours. We have retained the original badge on all our standards used during remembrance week and at other ceremonial events throughout the year.

How does a name change benefit the services carried out by Legion Scotland?
The day to day name was introduced to let all veterans and their families know that we are here for them whether they left service yesterday or fifty years ago and to help distinguish us from other charities who operate outside of Scotland. This will help us to continue to attract members, funding and reach veterans of all ages and backgrounds.
We would hope that the day to day name of Legion Scotland will have a long term, positive impact on the services carried out because we will be distinguishable from TRBL and those looking to donate to us will be clear who they are making donations to.  With more donations coming to the charity the more we can invest into the work we do.

What else does Legion Scotland do?
Legion Scotland needs to raise funds all year around to continue its work supporting veterans and their families. Events and activities take place throughout the year including our large fundraising campaign in April supporting the work of Legion Scotland.

If you have any further questions please do get in touch