Royal British Legion Scotland
Patron: Her Majesty The Queen

What we stand for

Members chat at the Royal British Legion Scotland AGM conference May 2013

In 1921, with around four million soldiers returning to civilian life at the end of the First World War, the need to create some kind of organisation to support this massive influx was compelling. The story started on 18th June 1921 in Edinburgh's Usher Hall when more than 100 existing veterans support organisations joined together and formed the British Legion - with the British Legion forming down south three weeks later - thanks to the influence of Field Marshal Earl Haig. 

Today we still stand for, and provide support to, veterans. When servicemen and women return to civilian life after serving with the Armed Forces some are in need of community and friendship either as a result of their experiences in the services, or purely because they are no longer part of the military ‘family’ on which they had come to rely. At Legion Scotland veterans of all ages and backgrounds find a sense of fellowship and comradeship.

Members are welcomed into the large family network spread across Scotland where doors open to a range of opportunities. We run local and national sports activities, help to organise and support remembrance events, and provide a range of services from specialist advice on disablement pensions, help to visit injured ex-servicemen and women family members in military hospitals south of the Border, welfare support, and aid for relatives to visit war graves on foreign soil.

Members work together to raise funds to support the work of Legion Scotland and for other veterans’ causes. Through a range of volunteering opportunities, members can also gain a number of skills which not only give back to the veterans’ community but can also benefit themselves in other areas of life, as well as providing opportunities for fun and fellowship.

The Legion provides ways to help veterans to get on with their lives, and assists those who may require assistance. From local and national sports activities to raising money for veterans’ causes we are helping to put something back into communities.

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