Royal British Legion Scotland
Patron: Her Majesty The Queen


Comradeship is a vital part of the identity of Legion Scotland. We were originally created as The Royal British Legion Scotland following the First World War with the aim of helping a huge number of ex-military personnel coming home from war who needed all kinds of practical support with money, work, health, housing and other family issues. We see comradeship activities as one of the ways we can make a positive difference to the wellbeing of veterans.

Today, the activities re-create that sense of protection that can only be found from being surrounded by like-minded individuals who only have the best interests of each other at heart.

Our comradeship activities are a way for ex-service men and women and their families to meet new people, talk and share experiences and ultimately make friends.
As well an an established national sports competition that Legion Scotland runs each year there are a wide range of comradeship activities on offer. We hold indoor archery twice a month, clay pigeon shooting, curling, outdoor bowls, disabled fly fishing, Xtreme carting and many more!

Contact us for more information on our comradeship activities.