Members are being asked to participate in two new votes, after a previous round was, under legal advice, declared null and void. These votes relate to a proposal on fees and the election of a National Chair.  

Independent verification of the votes previously received, in addition to queries from branches just prior to the vote closing, highlighted that there was potential confusion around the instructions delivered as to what should be counted as a member’s vote, and how to record a member’s wish to abstain. The votes reviewed cast doubt on whether the voting process had been validly conducted by all branches that participated. 

Under the instruction of the National Board of Trustees we are now re-running the vote to ensure that a result for the motion and election of the National Chair can be expedited as quickly as possible. 

Basis of voting 

Legion Scotland voting proceeds on a one member, one vote basis. This was a clear decision of the RBLS membership several years ago at conference. The one member, one vote system means that each member is responsible for their own voting, rather than representative voting through branches. To encourage members to exercise their personal right to vote, proxies are not permitted.

Flexibility was allowed for how branches delivered the voting information to their members, either by email, in writing, in person or at a branch meeting. However, it is a basic principle of most properly democratic voting systems that, for a vote to be counted, an individual must actively and deliberately have cast their own vote. For a vote to be counted and to be valid, each member had to have responded to confirm their vote for a chosen candidate for National Chair; for the motion they had to confirm if their vote was a ‘yes’, ‘no’ or an ‘abstention’. 

In the case of abstentions, for a member to be considered abstaining from voting they must also have declared their wish to abstain. Failure to respond to any communication from the branch should not be counted as an abstention or confirmation of an opinion.


How to participate 

Ballot forms have now been circulated to all branches. These, in turn, should be circulated with members. If you wish to take part in the vote, contact your branch to ensure that your ballot form can be used. There is a deadline of 19 July for all votes to be returned.