Legion Scotland has nearly 150 branches and over 60 associated clubs across Scotland in locations from Kirkwall to Dumfries, and the Isle of Bute to Edinburgh.

Each branch, which is run by volunteers, is different. What they all have in common is their desire to work towards improving the circumstances of ex-service people across Scotland.

When you join your local branch of Legion Scotland your membership also entitles you to make use of any other branch across Scotland (a separate fee may apply for making use of a branch with a club). Indeed in many cases it also enables you to visit branches of equivalent organisations in countries such as the USA, Canada and Australia. There are a range of other benefits to membership.

If you are not based near a branch or feel that you do not require the services of a local branch or branch club such as participating in activities, you could join the Headquarters Branch which has members based in around ten countries around the world.

Women have two options – they are welcome to join either a Legion Scotland local branch, or they can also join the Women’s Section which is a separate organisation with a presence in almost 20 branches across Scotland

People with an interest in motorcycles have the opportunity to join the Riders branch.  Alternatively new members could join the branch local to where they live AND choose to be affiliated to the Riders branch.