Legion Scotland helps the Scotland's ex-services community by offering comradeship, wellbeing, and remembrance whether the person left service yesterday or 50 years ago.  It takes an enormous amount of work and money to do this. To aid us to continue helping veterans we need your help. 

One way that you can do this is by remembering Legion Scotland in your will.  When it comes to leaving a gift in your will, typically people’s first priority will be family and friends.  However many people also leave gifts to charities: this is a gift that will help future generations of Scotland’s veterans.

It will cost you nothing in your lifetime but however much you leave, from £10 to £100,000+, every donation to Legion Scotland is greatly appreciated and will help Scotland’s veterans.

What to include in your will:
You can make various kinds of gifts in your will. We would strongly suggest talking to your solicitor (search the Law Society of Scotland website to find one near you) but popular choices include:

- A share of your estate – a residual request.  After taking care of your family and friends a popular choice is for     people to leave a share or the remainder of their estate to a charity such as Legion Scotland.  As this is less likely   to be affected by inflation this can have make a big difference.
- A cash gift – this is an exact sum of money.  No matter how large or small your gift we will make sure that it is     used in the best way possible to help meet the needs of Scottish veterans
- A specific gift such as an item of jewellery or property

We will always respect any specific wishes that you put in your will for how and where your gift will be used.  However it is a huge help to us if such restrictions are not imposed.  The needs of veterans change over time, and local Legion Scotland branches can close.  Therefore gifts left without conditions means that the charity can channel the money to projects and locations in Scotland where veterans need it most at that time.

Remembering Legion Scotland in your will can be as straight forward as including a simple sentence in your existing will by adding a codicil. This adds an extra instruction to your will without the need to compose an entirely new document.  Your solicitor will be able to advise further. 

Suggested wording for a gift in your will 
If you would like to leave Legion Scotland a gift in your will the following wording may be helpful when you visit your legal advisor:

"I give all (or a _% share) of the residue of my estate to Legion Scotland (Royal British Legion Scotland, Scottish Charity No. SC003323), New Haig House, Logie Green Road, Edinburgh, EH7 4HQ for its general charitable purposes and I direct that the receipt of the treasurer or duly authorised officer shall be a valid and appropriate form of discharge."

If you wish to leave Legion Scotland a gift in your will we would love to hear from you so we can say thank you. However we entirely understand if you would prefer to keep your wishes private.

Should you have any questions about leaving Legion Scotland a gift in your will please either speak to your solicitors or to Lorna Kane: [email protected] or 0131 550 1548.