Primary 7 pupils from Tannochside Primary School, winners of our "Films of Remembrance" Competition had their winners Multimedia Workshop trip last week to the BFBS Scotland studios at Dreghorn Barracks and visited the Lady Haig Poppy Factory to learn more about the poppy and the importance of remembrance.

The class were the winners of our Films of Remembrance Competition, which challenged primary school children to create a short film which explored the impact of conflict on their local community and the role that local veterans played.

“My time at the Dreghorn Barracks was phenomenal because we got to see all the troops marching. It was also a very fun trip because we got to learn how to be a reporter and how to use a camera. We got to play around with the camera and do skits. Everyone was involved and it was really great!” - Jamie S

The P7 winners group visit to BFBS Scotland included the chance to film soldiers from 3 The Rifles, make a radio play and appear on on the radio breakfast show.

The group visiting the Lady Haig Poppy Factory learnt how to make a poppy, the history of the factory and had a tour around the factory which currently has a work force of around 40 ex-Servicemen, the large majority of whom are registered disabled. Th factory produces around five million poppies that are handmade each year, they also produce over 12,000 wreaths to order and process over 25,000 collection tins and make up and dispatch orders to Poppy Appeal Area Organisers all over Scotland. 

“The Lady Haig factory was very interesting because it was full of history. It was so exciting! I got to see how poppies and wreaths are made and I also saw a machine which has been working for over 100 years. They still use the machine to cut out poppies.”- Kaitlyn

Well done all and thank you to BFBS Scotland and the Lady Haig Poppy Factory.