This year we can confirm the attendance of PoppyScotland, RBL Commercial Team (Clubs), RAFBF, World Disability Darts Association, Sight Scotlandn and more! All providing a range of resources and information that all attendees can take back to their clubs or branch.

Our usual Legion Scotland stalls will be available to help highlight the work that has taken place since last Conference, and staff will be on hand to answer any queries or questions you may have.

The focus for this year is very much on support and training. We last ran workshops at Conference in 2018, and 2023 will see us revisit this format to ensure that each day is packed with as much information and guidance as possible for the representatives present. This will also tie in with a programme of training we plan to launch for all Office Bearers this year.

One major change for 2023 will be who can attend and how many representatives a branch can nominate. This year, every branch will be entitled to send one representative for every 100 members they have within the branch.

Branch representative forms have been sent to all branches in early April, end of April and available from your Area Secretaries, if your branch have not submitted these or would like to change their representative, please do so as soon as possible by contacting head office on 0131 311 1076 or email to [email protected]

Visitors and guests are also welcome, in fact encouraged, so if you would like to be able to observe proceedings and join in with the camaraderie and sharing of information, you should check with your local branch about attending.

There are two motions put forward this year for consideration. They have been circulated to all branch secretaries in the draft conference packs as of the end of March. 

Your branch should now be discussing these motions with all members and collating the vote for each motion for submission to Head Office by 19 May. As a member, if you have not heard from your branch regarding the motions for this year and how you can vote, you should contact them immediately. Unlike in previous years, you do not need to have pre-registered for a vote – you can cast your vote at branch level prior to Conference if you have paid your current membership fee.

As well as our Opening Ceremony & Drumhead Service we will also have the Armed Forces Update; this year is the turn of the RAF. The Poppy Appeal total and presentation of the annual plaque will also take place, along with updates from your National President and National Chairman.

As well as covering the business required, such as the acceptance of the annual report and financial statement and our training sessions, we will of course be looking forward to gathering together with old and new faces for two days of comradeship and entertainment. We expect to see a good turnout at the Conference Dinner on the Friday, and enthusiastic participation in our Lucky Numbers draw.

If you have any queries about Conference this year which your branch is unable to answer, you can contact us at Head Office on [email protected]