Why should I pay by direct debit? 

A direct debit is an easier way to pay for your Legion Scotland membership and once it’s set up, you don’t need to worry about it again. The direct debit will automatically renew each year unless you choose to cancel it. 

How do direct debits help Legion Scotland? 

Direct debits aren’t just more efficient for you as a member, they also remove some of the administrative strain from local branches. That’s because you can set up your direct debit from home and your membership will be sent directly to you, so long as you have it all set up before 1 November. 

If you pay via your local branch, the membership will first be sent to your branch where you can pick it up. This is also the case if you set up a direct debit but miss this year’s 1 November deadline. 

Are direct debits safe? 

The short answer is yes, thanks to the direct debit guarantee. This ensures that your money will be refunded if there’s ever a dispute between yourself and any organisation you have paid by direct debit. Organisations that use direct debits, such as Legion Scotland, are also vetted to make sure they meet the proper standards. 

Direct debits offer other guarantees, too. You can automatically cancel payments by notifying your bank, and an organisation can never increase a direct debit payment without giving you advance notice of any changes in terms of cost or payment date. 

How do I set up a direct debit? 

You will need to get a direct debit form, which can be accessed through your branch, Head Office, or in the next issue of Legion Scotland Today magazine. If you have already paid for the current membership year, you can still set up the direct debit for next year in advance. Money won’t leave your account until 1 November of the next membership year. 

When will the direct debit be taken/collected? 

Memberships paid by direct debit will be collected once a year on the 1st or 15th of the month, depending on whichever comes first after the direct debit has been set up. Following that, the payment will be taken on 1 November each year. 

Who can I contact at Legion Scotland for more information? 

If you just need the direct debit form itself, ask your local branch. For other enquiries, give Head Office a call on 0131 550 1548