This year’s Edinburgh Fringe promises to have as wide a range of shows, stand-up sets and street performances as always. Navigating the full programme can be a challenge, but here’s a selection of events that touch on themes of interest to the Armed Forces community. 

In Loyal Company

Until 28 August, 1.30pm

Pleasance Courtyard 

Based on a true story, and performed by the great-nephew of the central character, this play traces the Second World War as seen by Liverpudlian soldier Arthur Robinson. In Loyal Company begins in 1941 with Robinson signing up to fight and being sent to Singapore. When his ship is destroyed, he is declared missing – but the story has only just begun.


Whisky Galore

7-12, 14-19 August, times vary

Mayfield Salisbury Church 

This comic tale has become infamous thanks to the 1947 novel, and 1949 and 2016 films. The stage version, performed by the Edinburgh People’s Theatre (EPT), has all the familiar plot points: a lot of whisky, a shipwreck, and a daring attempt to secure alcohol at a time of rationing. EPT first performed the play in 1966, and 2023 marks their 80th year of theatrical productions.

Afghanistan Is Not Funny

11-18 August, 7.15pm

Gilded Balloon Teviot 

In 2002, comedy writer and performer Henry Naylor joined forces with Scottish photographer Sam Maynard for a trip to Afghanistan. While there, they were nearly blown up by the Taliban and got threatened by a war criminal. This play re-examines that experience, supported by images taken by Maynard during their expedition. It has been well-reviewed, with audiences warned to expect stories that will linger for some time after the curtain falls.


Lilies on the Land

14-19 August, 6.30pm

The Royal Scots Club 

Based on 150 letters and interviews with Land Girls from the Second World War, this heart-warming tale of four young women who unite for the war effort is as entertaining as it is poignant. As well as offering an insight into an often overlooked element of the war, the show also features some of the most loved songs from the 1940s. 


The Unknown Soldier

26-27 August, 5pm

Drill Hall 

This performance looks at the Black British war veterans of the two world wars through dance, music and text. Expect a blend of choreography styles from across the Black diaspora, including pan-African, Caribbean and Lindy Hop, combined with the real stories of men and women who served their country at the time of greatest need. 

There are many other fantastic performances happening across Edinburgh this month. If we’ve missed one of your favourites, let us know by emailing [email protected]