As you may know, UK taxpayers can help charities to secure an extra 25% on top of any donations or fees paid, at no extra cost to the individual. This is known as Gift Aid, and it can make a huge difference to the work that Legion Scotland does. 

For the year 2021-22, we claimed back £24,000 thanks to the 6,400 members who signed up to Gift Aid. If 22,000 members signed up, we could potentially claim back a huge £82,500. 

To help make it easier for you, we’ve pulled together some frequently asked questions about Gift Aid. When the time comes to renew your membership, we would be hugely grateful if all those who qualify for Gift Aid allow us to benefit from its rewards. 

What is Gift Aid? 

Gift Aid is a UK Government initiative that allows charities and community amateur sports clubs to claim an extra 25p for every £1 they receive. It doesn’t cost the individual donor anything extra, as the charity is claiming the money back from the government.

Who qualifies for it? 

In order to give Gift Aid, you must meet three requirements. 

First, you must be a UK taxpayer. This could mean that you pay tax on your salary, pension, savings or rental income. 

Second, you must have paid – or expect to pay – enough tax in the tax year to cover the cost of all your Gift Aid donations that year. Unless you are making a particularly sizable donation, or don’t expect to pay any tax this year, this is very unlikely to affect you. 

Third, you need to make a Gift Aid declaration. This is very straightforward to do. 

How do I make a Gift Aid declaration? 

You can make this declaration when you fill in a Direct Debit form for your membership. The paperwork has a Gift Aid section that you can approve straight away. 

If you pay your membership separately, or would like to make a Gift Aid declaration without waiting for your membership to renew, you can request a declaration form from Legion Scotland. The form is also available digitally here or here to download.

What difference can it make? 

Gift Aid can add an extra 25% to the donations that Legion Scotland receives each year. As outlined above, this could equate to tens of thousands of pounds, allowing us to increase the support, advocacy and advice we offer to the veterans community we represent. 

It’s a fantastic and easy way to boost your donations without needing to give anything extra.