It all begins with a veteran making a call to Poppyscotland. The telephone number may already be known because Poppyscotland have helped a friend in the past. Or, they could have googled, ‘How can Poppyscotland help?’ 

Tapping 0131 550 1557 into their phone is the first step towards getting the support they need. Veterans’ needs are almost always multiple, complex and urgent. Poppyscotland’s services are designed to ensure that any beneficiary is given the most immediate, tailored service possible.

Poppyscotland offers agility and flexibility – it’s what vulnerable veterans deserve. To achieve this, the charity listens to the needs of Scotland’s Armed Forces community, works with them to develop an action plan, and then ensures delivery on their behalf. And all of this is done as part of the Royal British Legion’s UK-wide network for delivery of welfare. 

The need for agility has been a constant theme during the cost of living crisis. It has hit beneficiaries hard, and continues to do so. Poppyscotland has tracked a sustained increase in the number of people presenting with urgent day-to-day living cost requirements. In response, a Cost of Living grant was launched to support beneficiaries struggling to afford essentials. 

Over the last year, 654 Cost of Living grants were awarded to beneficiaries in Scotland. That’s just under two a day, the highest figure across all areas in the UK. That amounts to £464,267 being used to support beneficiaries with energy bills, household items, debt, housing, emergency food vouchers and much more. Every single day, more than £1,200 has been awarded to members of Scotland’s Armed Forces community. 

Aside from the cost of living support, a further 1,013 grants have been awarded to individuals. These grants provide vital access to household items and repairs, arrears, mobility home adaptations and much more. 

In total, these 1,013 grants saw Poppyscotland award £681,617 to beneficiaries. The average award for this grant exceeds £670. 

One beneficiary who contacted Poppyscotland for support said, “I didn’t think I’d ever have to reach out to a charity when I was a young boy. But thankfully Poppyscotland helps soldiers like me, providing curtains, carpets, a washing machine and even clothes.”