Members of the Riders branch were delighted to get back in the saddle this summer
for some very special trips around the country.

 As part of Legion Scotland’s centenary celebrations, the riders embarked on a National Ride Out. Starting out on 18 June from St Cuthbert’s Church in Edinburgh, the site of the first unity conference at the founding of Royal British Legion Scotland, they travelled the length and breadth of Scotland over the summer, visiting every Legion area.

 The aim was to have each of the 142 branches sign a Remembrance cross to mark the historic centenary milestone. The cross will be returned to Edinburgh and housed at Legion Scotland HQ.

 “This took a fair bit of planning from our district representatives to arrange and meet at a time to suit both the branch office bearers and the riders. With so many branches spread to the four corners of Scotland this task was handled admirably by the district representatives,” says Mick McEvoy, chairman of the Riders branch.

 Planning the meetings and discovering how many and where branches are located proved to be almost as much fun as the rides.

 Mick adds, “The event allowed us to touch base with other branches and hopefully cultivate an understanding of what the Riders branch is and what we do – apart from look mean and make lots of noise, that is.

 “The overwhelming response from the branches that the riders visited was welcoming and accommodating. Some new friends were made, some old acquaintances were renewed and the experience was enjoyed by all who took part.”

 Mick points out that the Riders branch has always been keen to support local branches and this event allowed them to introduce themselves to many branches they had never visited before.

 “Now we are aware of the location of the branches we will visit on a more frequent basis. We are always looking for a good excuse to get our bikes out for a run.”