'Legion Scotland are proud supporters of a new campaign to change the conversation around vulnerability. The powerful visual campaign is set to inform and educate individuals in vulnerable situations that there is support available so that they can live independently and safely at home. In addition, it aims to reassure those who care for them that independence is possible and how to achieve it. 

At the heart of We Are vulnerAble is a comprehensive, accessible hub packed with the practical information needed to break down barriers and enable independent living at home for more people. By telling the stories of individuals from diverse backgrounds, all of whom have their own challenges, the hub illustrates that independent living at home can happen with the proper guidance and support. 

Included on the platform are how-to guides, checklists and resources. There is also information on the Priority Services Reigister (PSR) – a platform that is free to use and offers people with additional needs assistance if something goes wrong with their utilities. 

Helen Dolphin MBE, a quadruple amputee involved in the campaign, explained: “Until I took part in this campaign, I had absolutely no idea there was such a thing as the PSR. Since becoming disabled in my early 20s, I’ve done everything I can to be as independent as possible, and I’ve always shied away from signing up for things which made me feel more disabled.” 

Phil Burrows, head of customer vulnerability delivery at Cadent, which is fuelling the campaign, added, “As the largest distribution network in Great Britain, we are committed to providing help and support to all our customers across our communities. It’s often difficult for people to know where to go for assistance, which is why the We Are vulnerAble hub is such a vital collaboration and partnership.”

To find out more, email [email protected] or visit weareable.uk