For the first time in its history Poppyscotland has published a manifesto for the Scottish Parliament election to be held on Thursday 6 May 2021.

 The manifesto identifies policy priorities and makes policy recommendations that if implemented would be of benefit to the Armed Forces and veterans community.

 This election is an opportunity to engage positively with the political parties and the candidates seeking to be MSPs, in order to encourage them to take the urgent action needed to improve the support for veterans that is currently available.

 While great strides have been made with the support available, too often veterans and their families still face disadvantage and barriers. Poppyscotland’s manifesto provides clarity and focus on the issues we believe to be of greatest importance, as well as setting out in detail how we feel our recommendations can be taken forward by the next Scottish Parliament.

 You can help to make sure that the voices of our veterans are heard in this election by sharing the Poppyscotland manifesto with the election candidates in your area and asking them to stand up for veterans. A form has been set up on the Poppyscotland website to make this very easy to do. You simply enter your details and an email will be automatically generated and sent to the candidates in your area.

 Legion Scotland Chief Executive Dr Claire Armstrong said: “We support the manifesto that Poppyscotland have released to raise awareness of issues facing veterans and the Armed Forces community in Scotland today. We would like to encourage our members to engage with this opportunity to have their voice heard.”

 Over the course of the next Scottish Parliament, Poppyscotland believes the new Scottish Government should:

 Involve the Armed Forces community in Scotland in policy working groups in order to capture and consider the experiences of serving personnel, veterans and their families.

  • Introduce a Veterans’ Patient Satisfaction Survey to empower veterans to provide tailored feedback on the quality and suitability of the specialist care that they receive.
  • Establish a Veterans’ Housing Action Group with powers to review challenging cases, oversee the effective implementation of the Veterans’ Housing Pathway, and act on any recommendations it makes.
  • Commission and act on an independent review of existing targeted provision aimed at ensuring that the most vulnerable serving personnel and veterans experience a ‘good transition.’
  • Lead a public awareness campaign to promote the positive message that veterans and their families are assets, are highly skilled, and are worth investing in throughout Scottish workplaces and society.
  • Fully exempt military compensation from financial assessments for social security benefits.

 Read the full manifesto and message your local MSP candidates by visiting