For many, a good night at the theatre can be a relaxing tonic: a chance to laugh, or cry, and be swept away by an engrossing tale. For the members of Stand Easy, though, theatre is so much more.

The charity was set up seven years ago by Alan Cameron to support the recovery of injured veterans through the art of theatre. In its first year, Stand Easy consisted of one two-week performance project: an opportunity for veterans to get to know each other, learn some acting skills, improvise scenes, and then perform a play structured from what they had devised as a group.

Cameron quickly knew the idea had been a success, based on the feedback from those who had taken part. One of the veterans, then aged 23, said at the time, “It has turned a new leaf, started a new chapter in my life. I feel I could go on from this project and see what’s there for myself instead of hitting this brick wall and refusing to do anything.”

Since that early workshop, Stand Easy has led many more workshops, at venues including the Macrobert Arts Centre in Stirling, Showcase the Street in Dundee, and even performances at the Edinburgh Fringe. While drama is at the core of Stand Easy’s practices, it’s not about turning veterans into actors. The hope is that the art of theatre can instead play a role in supporting those who have come out of the Armed Forces.

Cameron – who is handing over many of his responsibilities to Morag Greaney, Stand Easy’s new Development Manager – explained, “In terms of memories, it’s the people, the veterans I’ve worked with. I’ve worked with all sorts of people from all over the place in my career, but I have never been quite as moved as I have by working with the veterans. There is something about these guys and their families that is very special.”


Registration is currently open for the next major project in June. As with all Stand Easy productions, acting skills or experience aren’t required, just a commitment and positive attitude for the four-week project.


To find out more, visit the Stand Easy website