Annie Ogilvy on a life in Legion Scotland 

In June, Annie Ogilvy was one of three long-standing volunteers to be named on the Jubilee Honours list in recognition of their contribution to the organisation. Annie spoke to us about some of her favourite memories from her time at Legion Scotland, including top positions in the Women’s Section, and how she managed to keep the news of her honour a secret. 

A deep dive into Scotland’s war poetry contributions 

While readings are a common feature of Remembrance ceremonies, war poems can sometimes be overlooked. Scotland has played a key, if largely unrecognised, role in the history of war poetry. This feature examines the writers who used their experiences of the First and Second World Wars – including overseas and in Scotland – to create beautiful, moving pieces of poetry, as well as modern-day writers who find inspiration in current conflicts. 

Highlights from our branches and the Women’s Section 

As ever, the magazine will include stories from Legion Scotland’s branches, giving you an insight into what other members have been up to this summer. For the first time, we’re introducing a page dedicated to the Women’s Section, with a round-up of their recent events and activities. 

What you missed at the annual conference 

This year’s conference was the first since the pandemic began, and as such, there was plenty of business to get through. The decisions reached by delegates will have an impact on many parts of the organisation, including what membership looks like and how future conference votes take place. You can read all about these changes and see how and when they will be introduced in the opening pages of our magazine. 

How a branch reopened, and the people who made it happen 

Helensburgh & District branch has been officially reformed after it was closed several years ago. The full story of how the branch returned can be found inside Legion Scotland Today, with a spotlight on the hardworking team who have already made a mark with their efforts in Helensburgh and the surrounding area. 

Legion Scotland Today is published twice a year and sent to all members of the Royal British Legion Scotland. Find out more here.