Nancy Beck, who has been a key member of the branch and the annual Poppy Appeal, received the medal from branch President Major Charles Milroy. 

Nancy has become a recognisable face for her annual appearances at the Armed Forces parade and Armistice parade, joining the procession with her walking aid and proudly wearing her late husband’s medals. 

At the first event in 2023 for the Scottish Poppy Appeal, Nancy and fellow member Edna Wells discussed their past. During this conversation, Nancy revealed she had served during the war, and as such, it was realised that she qualified for a World War II Defence Medal. 

Legion Scotland colleagues helped organise this long overdue award and arranged for it to be mounted and a new medal box engraved. When asked where she would like the presentation to take place, Nancy insisted that no ceremony was required. However, given the importance of the medal and that Nancy will be celebrating her 100th birthday later this year, it was decided that some festivities were definitely in order. 

And so, on 18 February, friends and fellow Legionnaires surprised Nancy at a local inn. As well as receiving the medal from Major Milroy, Nancy was also greeted with a standing ovation and a few happy tears were shed.