Stacey worked as a stewardess in the RAF – she left in 2011 after nine year’s service, as it was her time served. Her role was varied – she worked in the Officers and Sergeants mess doing roles such as receptionist, serving behind the bar and serving in the dining room.  She was mainly based in the UK including Northern Ireland for three years.

Stacey met several of the Royal Family during her time in the RAF – this was when they were coming off the Royal Plane – she would be serving the tea and coffee at the arrival terminal. She met the Queen, Princess Anne, Prince Charles, Prince William and Kate, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew and many more.

Some of her highlights were the training that she did. She remembers,

“I liked volunteering for the training courses such as patrols and training that involved jumping out of land rovers – anything that females weren’t allowed to do when on the front line.”

Stacey also enjoyed her time in Northern Ireland. She said:

“Some of my family had done various tours of Northern Ireland when they were in the Army so I enjoyed my time there. I liked finding out about the history of the conflict and how it came about and how it has changed since my family served there.”

As part of her job in Northern Ireland, Stacey had to be on guard duty – this involved patrolling the camp, searching cars and looking out for suspicious people or items. She said: “You would do a 12 hour shift either during the day or at night. We had to keep an eye out for anything that was suspicious. I remember that one time on duty there was a farmer out in his field wearing all black so we had to go and investigate incase it was someone up to something!”

Stacey also spent four months in Cyprus where she worked in the accommodation section for RAF. She said:

“Cyprus was a stopover for troops either coming back from Iraq or going to Iraq. They would spend a night or a week there as a period of readjustment so it was my job to find them accommodation.”

Stacey says that she does miss the RAF from time to time. She said:

“I was ready to leave but what you miss is the friendships that you make and the camaraderie of it all.” She added: “I did miss home but you just get on with it. I was lucky because my mum and dad would come and visit me often.”

For Stacey the biggest thing about adjusting back to life away from the RAF was not putting on her uniform. She said:

“I would wake up in the morning with no idea what to wear. I was so used to putting on my uniform as soon as I got up!”

Stacey is still involved in the military world as she worked as the Area Secretary for the Legion Scotland Glasgow and Western Counties area. She works part time as she has a young son.