Ernie Thomas

We chat with RAF veteran Ernie Thomas as part of our Voices of Veterans video series. Read more

Jim Simpson

We chat with Arctic Convoy WWII veteran Jim Simpson who tells us how at just 19 he joined the Royal Navy with his mother left in Scotland her five sons away in WWII. Read more

Stacey Everett

Stacey, 30, from Glasgow, spent nine years in the RAF as a Stewardess. She is backing the Legion Scotland’s Voices of Veterans campaign and is calling on other women to come forward and tell their stories of time in the services. Read more

David Cruickshanks

David joined the Navy in 1981 serving in HMS Fearless in The Falklands spending the duration of the conflict in the notorious 'bomb alley' at San Carlos. In this Voices of Veterans piece he tells of his time during service and the effects that the experiences had on him afterwards. Read more

Ailsa Crawford

Ailsa served in the RAF for 22 years at bases around the world from the UK to Germany and Iraq. In this Voices of Veterans piece she tells of her time in service in 2007 at the Baghdad military base and how it was settling back into civilian life. Read more

Alistair Black

Alistair joined the Merchant Navy at 16 in 1963, and in 1967 joined the Army serving until 1989 in the Royal Scots Greys and the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. Alistair served in Germany, the UK and Cyprus with tours in Northern Ireland. In his Voices of Veterans story he remembers these times fondly. Read more

Tom Rooney

Tom, a member of our New Pitsligo branch, joined the Army at just 16 serving for 24 years. During this time he did six tours of Northern Ireland, saw the Falklands during the war and also served in the UK, Germany, Cyprus, Canada, Holland and Belgium. Read more

Colonel David Lloyd-Jones OBE

World War II Veteran, David Lloyd-Jones joined the home guard in 1940 aged 16 as a despatch rider. He was keen to do his duty and tells his story of his time in service. Read more

Ian Forsyth

Ian is hugely active in Legion Scotland. Joining the Army in 1942 he was one of the first to arrive at the gates of the German Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. In Ian's Voices of Veteran's piece he describes what the camp was like and how it changed his life... Read more